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    JT Jeong

    JT is the operations director for GTP’s Seoul office. JT and his staff are responsible for sourcing, production scheduling, quality control and international logistics. JT started his career in 1990 as a research manager, developing high-performance specialty yarns for Hyosung, a worldwide leader in yarn manufacturing. In 1996, with 7 patents registered in his name, JT was awarded “Researcher of the Year” by the Korean Textile Association. After a series of advancements, JT was promoted in 2001 to manage major customer accounts in the United States and Europe. In 2004 he was recruited to become managing director for HiTop, Korea’s leading textile converter, where he developed innovative fabrics for overseas customers. JT is a graduate of Seoul National University, with a BS in textile polymer engineering. JT joined GTP in 2006.