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    Company History

    Since Global Textile Partners was established in 2000, the company has enjoyed considerable growth, illustrated by the following timeline:

    Global Textile Partners is established as a subsidiary of Lee Fashion Fabrics, a major American textile mill and laminator, to procure greige and finished fabrics from Korea.

    Global Textile Partners invests over $500,000 and provides key technology to form a joint venture in China with Hong Liong Textiles for the production of specialty fabrics.

    Global Textile Partners is acquired by management and spun-off as an independent corporation. The company opens its logistics and operations office in New York.

    Global Textile Partners opens an office in Seoul, Korea for sourcing, quality control, production scheduling and logistics.

    Global Textile Partners opens its Shanghai, China office for sourcing, quality control, production scheduling and logistics.

    Global Textile Partners launches a sewn products division, producing curtains and bedding for the hospitality markets.

    Global Textile Partners enjoys record growth. The company adds additional warehousing and moves into a new headquarters.