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    Quality Assurance

    Using a multi-step approach to ensure overall fabric quality, GTP makes every possible effort to deliver according to your specifications and standards. Controlling the individual components that comprise a finished item ensures consistent quality.

    • GTP works with each customer to understand and quantify key product attributes. Specifications and test criteria are developed.
    • GTP provides the approved fabric sample to both the mill and the customer so that everyone shares the same expectations.
    • GTP works on-site with mill personnel to specify the raw materials, production equipment and manufacturing procedures for each fabric style or sewn product.
    • GTP’s trained quality control teams in China and Korea examine all finished products prior to shipment.
    • GTP’s QC department in the United States independently verifies and approves all production lots prior to shipment. This process includes an evaluation of color, weight, width, stretch, surface appearance and other customer-specific metrics, such as flame resistance and light-fastness.
    • GTP completes the approval process by sending samples from each order to the customer for final authorization before shipment.